Sunday, March 25, 2012

Khan Academy

A couple of days ago I was on my IPad downloading apps and I came across the Khan Academy application. You do not have to have an IPad to access this site though, which is nice. If you do just type in the App Store Khan Academy and download it, if you don't, type into Google Khan Academy and the first hit is the site you want to click on, here is the site,
I think this is a really interesting way to get students involved in certain areas in education. Granted he does not focus on English, which for most if not all of us is a downfall, but he does focus in the Sciences, Mathematics, and some History. An idea for this site is to have your students go on and complete whichever exercises that fit into your lesson for that time period. It is something that you could have them do at home over, say like a Christmas break. It gives videos on how to accomplish the exercises then they can practice on their own! I think it is a pretty cool idea. It keeps them in an active educational mindset while at home. What do you think?  

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