Sunday, April 29, 2012

Student Teaching

Today I created a lesson for Freak the Mighty. It made me excited to student teach. I think it is normal to be nervous but I have been absolutely sick about doing it next semester. In college I have furthered my education in English and in literature, as for my education classes they have taught me the ins and outs on HOW to be a TEACHER but not HOW to TEACH. I know that I could never be fully prepared to know how to teach, it is something that I will learn as I do it. I have thought a lot about how I have spent four years trying to become a teacher but I will never fully know if I can be a good teacher until the semester before I graduate. Various questions have been crossing my mind lately, like "What if I'm not a good teacher?" "What if my CO OP fails me?" "What if the students hate me?" Are these normal questions or am I just thinking about this too much?

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