Sunday, February 26, 2012


The one chapter that I cannot get out of my head is the Glogster: A Poster-sized look at Student Movie Stars. (pgs45-52) One idea that strikes me about this project is that students can always access it. Instead of constantly carrying projects back and forth, students can have their projects for a life time. I truly wish that some of the poster projects that I did in school I still had; rather age destroyed them or the bus ride home did. Glogster allows students work on computer literacy and conjoins their computer skills that they already have. Integrating technology within the classroom is a huge deal. I never took into account the various opportunities that technology will allow me to do within my room; the possibilities are endless. Glogster ultimately places complete individuality with every student. Their ideas about characters could come alive with it. It would Be priceless and interesting it see what kids could come up with. I think I could do a lot of fun things with Glogster, what do you think?

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  1. Nik,

    I agree! I feel like the only reason I still have academic work is if I saved it online. Any posters usually do not survive my lifestyle. While I love the feeling of making something concrete like a giant poster it is definitely nice to know that it is save online and can be accessed at any time. My co-op in field actually had a giant movie poster for The Tell Tale Heart that her students made for her. It kind of breaks my heart to think that if we move everything online teachers will not have such lovely student work to decorate their classrooms.