Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pinterest Interest!

Okay, so this post may not be completely educational, but I just would like to discuss Pinterest. This has become the new fab within technology. Is anyone and avid 'Pinterester'? I do not know much about it other than it is a site that people use to find interesting ideas and what not. My sister is all about using this website. I heard that you have to be invited to become a Pinterest user. Is this so? And why? I would love to know more about this website and what all of you think of it. Is there a way we can incorporate a technology such as Pinterest in our classrooms? If so what do you think we could do. This post is for me to hear your thoughts, opinions, and feelings on this new fab. Thanks gals and guys! :)

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  1. I am a BIG fan of Pinterest! I am not sure why you have to be invited to join, but I will gladly invite you if you'd like:)

    I usually browse Pinterest to get ideas, particularly for planning an event or other projects I'd like to do around the house when I get around to it someday. The recipes I find are wonderful as well- I just made one yesterday called Spaghetti Bread and it was delicious!

    Basically, you can download the "pin it" button to your browser and anytime you see a cool idea online you can pin it to one of your "boards" for future reference or to share with others. From there you can also "repin" things that other people have already "pinned." When you pin something you will just see the picture on your board, but clicking on that picture again will take you to the website that it was originally from.

    As for teaching, I have found a lot of ideas that I would like to use in the classroom someday and placed them in my "When I'm a Teacher" board- lesson plans, teaching blogs, projects, etc. As for using Pinterest as a digital tool for a classroom activity , I am not sure how it would be done. Definitely a great place to get ideas from others and share your own, though!