Monday, February 20, 2012

Social Media and Wayy too much Personal information

In my Young Adult Literature class today we discussed how today everyone places every emotion on their social networking sites. This has allowed for many people to become victims of various kinds of abuse. Cyber bullying, pinpointing targets for abuse, and placing personal information that others can use against you. A woman from the Health Center was in to discuss domestic violence and this was a topic that came up. After class I was on Pinterest and saw this picture -->
For me it is not that people place way to much information about themselves and possibly personal issues they may be having but rather they use social networking sites as a way to flaunt and express every minute of everyday. I am sorry but I do not need to know when you went to the bathroom, how your room is messy, and what you had to eat. From me, social networking is a way for me to see family from over the US, keep in touch with my family/friends at home, and meet people from school. This picture does not apply to the cyber bullying that has integrated itself into our schools (because it has taken a turn for the worse) but rather for all those people who think that I need to hear/read every second of their life. News flash, no one wants to know that you are violently sick with the shits. This post seems to be a little on the rough side, maybe it's my mood, but really I just don't need to hear every second, of everyday, of the 400 friends I have on Facebook!

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