Friday, February 3, 2012

Technology Experience

     Yesterday evening I started my new job at a YMCA working behind the front desk as well as working with children. From 2:30-5:30 they have an after school program where children from the age of 8-12 come after school and participate in various activities. As 150 children are running around screaming and playing with one another I noticed that most if not all of these children had cell phones. I am not talking normal phones, they had smart phones. Little girls were FaceTiming accessing the internet and calling and texting everyone. I found that this would be an interesting post because it has to deal with technology and how children at very young ages are exposed to it.
     When I was their age I was probably interacting with other kids on a more personal level. When these children are in college it will be very interesting to see the new forms of technology they will be using and how it will become integrated with little children, just like it is now. It brings me to the question, is it hurting or affecting how children interact today and how they develop their social skills? Anyone with answers feel free to help me come to a conclusion about this.
-Nikki D. 


  1. Hey Nichole,
    I agree that this phenomena is completely crazy! I didn't have my own phone until I was in high school and even then had to share it with my older brother which is equivalent to hell. My little sister on the other hand has had her own since middle school and is completely attached to it. I think it will definitely harm their social skills and the process of talking to someone face to face will be a rarity. I am by no means a pro on children and raising them but the greater technology plays a part in our lives, the more our next generation will be devoid of human contact.

  2. What an interesting observation! I'm sure there are studies on this subject (and if there aren't there will be). But I also think that you raise a valid question, because as we talk about various types of technology in education, it is important to consider other uses. For example, if you introduce a student to something like, say Pinterest, is that good or bad? Maybe they will use it for school, but then develop an addiction to using it for all things social.

    I think it's important to talk with students about appropriate usage of technology. In my opinion, youth are heavily reliant and their social skills are hindered. I once saw a group of girls get off a ride at an amusement park and hold up the oncoming riders because they all had to check their cell phones for messages. (I mean, the ride was 2 minutes...who could have possibly texted in that time?)

    My question, is it the role of the parent to talk about technology appropriateness, the educator or a little of both?